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October 29, 2015


Kaarigar (कारीगर) ~ pronounced "Kar-rəgɑr" directly translates to "the artisan" in many languages. Kaarigar Handicrafts is a business that supports the skill and hard work of people who work with their hands. Everything you will find in our collection is handmade in India and purchased directly from the artist. Direct dealing with the artisan results in them earning fair value for their effort.

Happy Holi!

On a certain full moon between late-February and mid-March, India and Indian communities around the world enjoy the festival of Holi. A celebration of colour - Holi has become one of India's most famous exports. Holi was born from an ancient Indian legend about the triumph of good over evil. If you're familiar with Bollywood (or any form of Indian entertainment to be honest), you'll have noticed that this is still the most popular theme by far. holi2

Over the centuries, Holi has come to signify the arrival of spring. It is also seen as a time to end conflicts - to repair broken relationships and to celebrate close ones.

The night before Holi is marked with the lighting of a bonfire; a tradition called Holika. The next morning plays host to a colour and water fight unlike anywhere on the planet. Festival-goers arm themselves with powdered colours and water balloons and take part in a free-for-all that lasts until the afternoon. Absolutely everyone is fair game in this - the most vibrant of wars.

APTOPIX India Holi Festival When the dust settles that evening, people freshen up and typically spend time with their loved ones. On the eve of Kaarigar's first ever Holi, I'd like to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday. Enjoy! - Ray.

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