Copper Hip Flask - 8 oz.


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Handcrafted using pure copper, the Kaarigar Copper Hip Flask helps maintain the flavour and the smoothness of your drink. 

All premium liquor brands use copper stills to import the flavour into the distilled spirits. Keep the same goodness when you carry your spirits.

The cap is made using anti microbial brass. We use a lead free soldering process to maintain the integrity of the copper.

For use with Hard Liquor over 80% proof. Please do not use for beer or wine or mixed drinks. They will deteriorate or mix badly with the the copper


Height - 5 ½"

Length - 3 ½"

Depth - 1 ½ "


220 grams / 7 ½ oz


When you first receive your flask take 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and fill with water. Leave for 2 hours. Wash and rinse thoroughly with soap and water.  Your flask is then ready for use. Repeat this process every couple of months to keep enjoying the same good taste of your drink. 

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