Tibetan Singing Bowl

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Tibetan Singing Bowl- sound therapy for calming the mind and Chakra alignment from Kaarigar from Kaarigar Handicrafts on Vimeo.


The Singing Bowl, also called a Himalayan Bowl, is known to be used by Buddhist monks for centuries.


The Singing Bowl can be used for:

    • healing
    • meditation
    • sound therapy
    • stress relief
    • chakra balancing
    • sound massage

The sound produced by the singing bowl is that of the AUM –  the absolute. There are two basic ways of playing a Singing Bowl, you can either strike it with the wooden wand for percussive, pulsating tones; or you can encircle the edges repeatedly with the wand for a sustained effect.  Resting the singing bowl upon the palm of your hand will usually enable you to appreciate the experience to a greater depth than placing the bowl on a pad.


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