Terracotta Foot Scrub - Kaarigar Handicrafts Inc.
Handmade by artisans in India

Terracotta Foot Scrub

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An ancient tool, our Terracotta Foot Scrubber is made from the finest unpolluted, lead-free, red clay, by first creating small holes or pores in a slab of clay by inserting grains. Once the clay hardens, the grains are removed, leaving behind a rough holed surface. It is then baked ensuring the texture never wears out.

For daily foot care, nothing can beat this two-sided Terracotta Foot Scrubber to clean away dry skin, buff and polish feet.  It works just like a pumice stone/metal file to scrub and slough away dead skin. It has an added advantage - it practically lasts forever, it can never wear out or lose its texture over time. It works for all kinds of foot woes - tired feet, dead skin, cracked heels, calluses and exfoliation.

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