Alkaline Water Benefits

Alkaline Water Benefits


There are various health benefits associated with alkaline water that have been proven or are still under study - from regulating the human body’s pH levels to preventing diseases . But before we get into that, it’s imperative we understand what alkaline water is, and just why do so many experts stand behind it?

Whether the water is alkaline or acidic depends on its pH levels. The pH level operates on a scale of 0 - 14, and a pH of more than 7 is deemed alkaline. Regular drinking water has a pH level of 7; a pH of 1 would mean the water is extremely acidic, whereas 13 denotes extremely alkaline water.

Since the PH levels of alkaline water is higher than regular drinking water, it helps neutralize any excess acid present in the body. This is good for health. To add to that, there are additional theories regarding the betterment of overall health caused by drinking alkaline water. Some of these factors are listed below.


The Health benefits

Several studies conducted into the benefits of alkaline water do reveal some interesting insights:

Alkaline water with a pH of 8.8 was found to deactivate pepsin, a primary ingredient in acid reflux. Combating acidity also serves to boost energy levels and detoxify the body while rejuvenating your skin. Furthermore, a significant difference was found in the blood viscosity (How easily your blood flows through vessels) levels of people who drank alkaline water versus normal - with alkaline water drinkers registering a higher viscosity level after heavy-duty workouts. A different study also indicated that alkaline ionized water may have benefits for people with high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.

Artificial and Natural Alkaline water

Artificial alkaline water is produced through the process of electrolysis where regular water is passed through a machine that sends electric currents through it. The process increases the pH of water from a neutral level to a higher one. Due to its increased toxicity, this can have certain side effects on the person consuming artificial alkaline water regularly. It can reduce their immunity and make them an easy target for several viruses and bacteria.

On the other hand, natural alkaline water attains higher pH levels through the environment around it. For example, the water falling from a hill clashes with stones and rocks which are a good source of minerals that infuse themselves in the water. As a result, its pH levels aren’t extremely high and suit the human body. However, finding naturally alkaline water is only possible if you live in the countryside. Sustainably sourcing it from natural outlets simply isn’t viable - which is why people prefer to produce natural alkaline water at home.

Producing alkaline water simply by storing it in copper vessels is one of the most practical alternatives. Moreover, it is a clever, affordable, and safe way to consume alkaline water. All that needs to be done is leaving the water in a copper bottle for six to eight hours.


Making Alkaline water at home - Naturally

Making alkaline water at home is a great way to control the pH levels of your water, as well as save money on branded products that offer no additional benefits. Follow these steps, to make alkaline water at home. Storing water in Copper Vessels

Pure Copper Pitcher Set

Copper vessels are a natural alkaline producer. All you have to do is store water in copper bottles and containers. The water will then automatically absorb copper bit by bit and ionize- converting into alkaline water. This is the most hassle-free and natural way of making alkaline water. Interestingly, the longer you store water in these copper vessels, the more alkaline it becomes. In order to do this successfully, you must buy vessels that are made using non-recycled pure copper - such as the range of products at Kaarigar. Visit our website online and select some of the best, superior quality pure copper products available in the market and start making your alkaline water at home.

  • Adding Lime or Lemon juice

While lemon and lime juices may seem surprising to get the work done due to their acidic nature, their rich minerals easily produce alkaline water once consumed and digested. Adding a teaspoon of lemon or lime to water can make all the difference. As long as the alkaline water is also purified, there are no specifications as to how much water is enough.


Alkaline water has become immensely popular today. Whether you choose to drink it regularly and experience the benefits or are just curious about its hype- trying it won’t do you any harm. Make it or buy it- the benefits of alkaline water are undisputable.

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