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Copper Straw Set

Copper Straw Set

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Over 500 million plastic straws are discarded daily, in North America alone. A bulk of them make their way into our oceans, causing immeasurable harm to sea life and the environment.

Kaarigar has always been a firm believer in good karma – and doing our part to help nature heal is instinctive. Our pure copper straw help reduce dependency on plastic, while offering you all the natural benefits of copper to go with your favorite beverage.

Our Copper Straws are reusable and recyclable.

The Kaarigar Handmade copper drinking straws have been crafted by artisans in India. Take a sip of your next drink through cool copper, enjoying both its taste – and the positive change you’re making for our planet.

The Kaarigar logo guarantees authenticity and quality, alongside fair value paid to artisans. The absence of machine-made perfection is a hallmark of their craftsmanship and skills, passed down through generations. No two pure Copper Straw Sets will be the same.

Available in sets of 3 Straws with 1 Cleaning Brush.

Why choose Kaarigar?

  • Unlike other brands, our copper collection is manufactured at our facility in India - ensuring that you only get the best quality copper.
  • We pay our artisans fair value for their effort. This adds good karma to the product that you receive.

Your Trusted Brand

Kaarigar, unlike similar brands, is not a reseller. We manufacture our copper vessels at our in-house facility in India, ensuring that you get the best quality copper. Let us be your trusted brand as you discover the benefits of pure copper products. Cheaper products often use substandard copper, where the difference is not easily discernible. Your health is our primary concern. We refuse to compromise on the quality of our Copper Vessels for the sake of increased sales. 

Our Commitment

Kaarigar believes in preserving positive energy, just like our copper products. We have always placed people before profit. Our customers and our artisans are our priority and we believe that brings good karma. We ensure that artisans in our manufacturing facility in India are paid fair value in a cooperative business model. Our commitment stems from our experience with artisans and positive reviews from our ever-growing customer base. Your purchase of these pure copper drinking straws is a testament to our beliefs and our goal to keep this generational artistry alive.

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Customer Reviews

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Nazanine Choobak
Lovely Company

I have purchased many items from this lovely company and my experience has been amazing . I have purchased copper straws and water bottle which are fantastic products as well as dish bowls. I used the products all the time. All of the products are top quality and I am about to purchase more as we speak. Don’t miss out!