Our Story

Amelia and Alnasir Khan, the founder-owners of Kaarigar, grew up in the Philippines and India respectively. Both countries are known for their excellent handcrafted items – from ayurvedic water vessels to creations in wood, fabric, metal and stone. A significant number of people, unfortunately, barely earn a living from their meagre earnings in this industry.

Kaarigar’s journey began after a trip to India, where Alnasir witnessed an exchange between local artisans and retailers over pricing. Watching these talented craftsmen squeezed for pennies had a serious impact on Alnasir, who set out to help them and their families. He met with artisans across the country to understand their needs and wants, and came to a simple conclusion-
Artisans need to be paid a fair value, while being exposed to the international consumer for their high quality, labour intensive and beautiful handiwork.

Amelia and Alnasir have a profound appreciation for handcrafted items and the artisans that create them. They set up their business ‘Kaarigar’ (‘Artisan’ in Hindi), to reflect their mission and promote the handiwork of Indian artisans, globally.