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Kaarigar (कारीगर) ~ pronounced "Kar-rəgɑr" translates to "The Artisan" in many languages. These skillful artists create a range of quality products with their hands – mostly at minimal prices.

We are staunch supporters of their talent and hard work, offering artisans both improved working conditions and reasonable value for their work. Everything in our collection, from pure copper vessels to bronze idols, is handmadein India and purchased directly from the artisan – delivering fair value to them and authentic world-class products to the world.


People Before Profit - Our Mission

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Kaarigar’s journey began after a trip to India, where Alnasir witnessed an exchange between local artisans and retailers over pricing. Watching these talented craftsmen squeezed for pennies had a serious impact on Alnasir, who set out to help them and their families. He met with artisans across the country to understand their needs and wants, and came to a simple conclusion - Artisans need to be paid a fair value, while being exposed to the international consumer for their high quality, labour intensive and beautiful handiwork.

Amelia and Alnasir have a profound appreciation for handcrafted items and the artisans that create them. They set up their business ‘Kaarigar’ (‘Artisan’ in Hindi), to reflect their mission and promote the handiwork of Indian artisans, globally.


Explore our diverse range of product categories at Kaarigar, where tradition meets craftsmanship. Discover handmade copper utensils crafted by skilled Indian artisans, durable and elegant copper gardening tools, spiritual healing products for harmony and rejuvenation, and unique handcrafted home decor items. Each piece showcases the skill, passion, and tradition of its creator.

Copper Gardening Tool Set

From the home of Kaarigar, the trusted brand for Copper, comes a new range of copper alloy garden tools, when used in cultivating the soil, would lead to healthier plants and be more beneficial to the Earth.

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