Kansa Gua Sha

Kansa Gua Sha


Kansa Gua Sha is a face massage tool made using an alloy of copper and tin. You might have heard of and seen people around using the Kansa wand. Gua Sha, on the other hand, is a massaging technique, traditionally involving using a tool to scrape your skin and improve circulation. Both these health uplifting, skin-enhancing tools can be traced back to Asia- used traditionally to heal and rejuvenate the skin, particularly the face. While Kansa stems from Ayurveda in India, Gua Sha comes from China - using the two together will give you magnified results.

Copper is a healing metal and therefore becomes the most important element of the Kansa Wand. The power of the Kansa wand reduces the aging of the skin and adds life to it. Gua Sha is a method involving scraping with a tool and and works towards detoxifying your skin - When used as a pair, one can benefit from both tools.

Kansa Gua Sha is exactly that- the antibacterial and alkaline properties of Kansa copper and the detoxifying element of Gua Sha. Using this dual tool, one can scrape their face to get rid of impurities and balance the pH levels of their skin, as well as massage it to rejuvenate. Listed below are some significant advantages of using the Kansa Gua Sha.


The benefits of using Kansa Gua Sha-

1. Skin tightening.
The edges of the tool stimulate circulation, thereby uplifting and tightening sagging or puffy skin.

2. Refreshed youth.
The cooling sensation of the metal relaxes the skin - but there’s more to it than this. The alkaline properties of the metal help revitalise your skin and brings its natural glow back.

3. Helps improve Lymphatic Flow.
The movements of the healing metal increase blood circulation in the face, adding color to it.

4. Increased oxygen in the skin.
When blood circulation increases, so does the propagation of oxygen- allowing your skin to ‘breathe’.

5. Rids toxins and inflammations.
The scraper removes impurities, and helps stimulate whichever part of the body it is applied to. Practitioners believe this helps reduce inflammation - which is why this tool is often used to help treat chronic pains.

6. Eases muscle tension.
The circular motion of the calming massage helps rejuvenate skin and eases tension.


How to get started-

1. Apply any oil of your choice. We recommend Ghee (clarified butter) on your face.
2. Move the Kansa Gua Sha in a single direction.
3. Begin from the middle of your face and move outwards.
4. Gently stroke the tool over any puffy parts of your face, encouraging drainage of the underlying fluids.
5. Move it under the eye, followed by the chin and the neck.

Continue to massage your face gently for about 5 minutes, and do this once a day at least.

At Kaarigar, we bring you products that are crafted by Indian artisans using pure copper. From drawing excessive heat out of the body to improving skin by working on it internally, copper is vital to better health. Whether you’re looking to get rid of toxins or simply look after your skin and muscles, the copper Kansa Gua Sha is your answer. So if the healing properties of Kansa and Gua Sha sound right for you, browse through our Kansa Gua Sha collection and enjoy the best health benefits from both worlds.

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