Moscow Mule Mugs

Moscow Mule Mugs


Cocktails are refreshing, perfect for casual evenings and formal events alike. So it’s no surprise that classics like the Moscow Mule have become favorites -. A blend of Vodka, Ginger beer, and Lime juice- what’s not to love? And while this popular party cocktail has an interesting name, there’s more to keep you glued- its origin is intrinsically linked with copper mugs, leading to mug and drink both sharing a common name.

Back in the 1940’s, Sophie Berezenski was a Russian immigrant who found herself in the United States. She had brought with her thousands of copper mugs to sell, manufactured in her father’s copper press back home. Faced with a lack of storage and a need to move her product on, Sophie began to make sales calls on foot, moving door to door until she found herself at a pub, pitching her mugs to John Martin and Jack Morgan, vodka and ginger beer enthusiasts respectively. They took an interest in the mugs and the attributes that copper can bring to a drink, experimenting until they happened upon the perfect blend of Vodka and ginger served in cool copper mugs - and thus the Moscow Mule was born.

Moscow Mule gets its name from the kick delivered by vodka accompanied by flavorful ginger beer. But why is it served in Copper mugs?

Let’s find out!

The advantage of copper mugs

The Moscow Mule and copper mugs go hand in hand, and while taste is subjective, it can be said that they enhance the flavor and aroma of the drink. Copper also cools relatively faster, giving the cocktail a chilled sensation. To dive deeper, the copper mugs are designed in such a way that the heat of our hands is stored in their handles- leaving the cocktail unaffected. Due to its natural properties, copper oxidizes upon contacting vodka and carbonates with the ginger beer, making it fizzy. This makes the drinker’s experience far more superior than if it’s had otherwise. 

Our Moscow Mule copper mugs are sleek and stylish. They are handcrafted by skilled Indian artisans and hold up to 16 ounces of the drink. You can hand wash them with a detergent after use.

How is the drink made?

Incredibly easy to make, the Moscow Mule can be enjoyed by putting a few simple ingredients together. We have just the recipe for you to try provided below:

The recipe

Ingredients required:

2 ounces Vodka, some Lime juice ,  Ginger beer, Mint leaves, and some ice cubes.

The preparation:

  1. Start with a few ice cubes in your Copper Mug
  2. Pour in Vodka and some lime juice. 
  3. Add the Ginger beer.
  4. Garnish with mint leaves..

Do not fall for the steel mugs with copper plating that are widely available in the market. Experience the original taste of your Moscow Mule with pure copper mugs from Kaarigar.

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