The Advantages of using Copper Bathtubs & Sinks

The Advantages of using Copper Bathtubs & Sinks


Copper has been in popular use for thousands of years, by many ancient civilizations.

Copper is immensely popular for its durability - but that’s not all. Copper Bathtubs and Copper Kitchen Sinks are visually pleasing, adding a rustic elegance to your decor. 

Here are some reasons why you should seriously consider buying copper vessels, bathtubs, or sinks:

1. Ease of care:

Convenient maintenance is an important factor in our busy lives, and copper fits the bill. Since sinks and bathtubs are generally used every day, they don’t require a lot of effort to be cleaned and preserved. 

2. They age well.

The external appearance of copper changes with time- but for the better. The hue and color of copper sinks and bathtubs naturally deepens over the years, making it more attractive. 

3. They have self-healing properties.  

A scratch on the surface of your sink or bathtub will disappear on its own; such is the charm of copper- it heals itself. Any mark found will eventually blend into the original color of the bathtub over time.

4. They don’t rust.

One of the reasons why copper bathtubs and sinks are a great option in wet spaces is because they will not rust. Unlike other metals, copper develops a protective coating or patina - saving it from corrosion and damage over even extended periods of time. This property is highly visible on monuments like the Statue of Liberty, and is a big reason copper is often used in monuments and artifacts.

What has this to do with bathtubs and sinks? 

Noted below are various health benefits associated with the use of copper sinks and bathtubs:

1. Antibacterial.

Bacteria are said to survive for a shorter duration on the surface of copper as compared to other metals like stainless steel. Having a copper bathtub or sink thereby lowers your need for disinfectants and lowers the risk of bacterial infection, making them a safe and valuable addition to your home.

2. Provide Skincare.

Copper is great for the skin and many skincare products include it in their ingredients. Regular contact with your copper bathtub will transfer small amounts of copper to your body. Furthermore, letting your water rest in the bathtub for around four hours will infuse the water with copper’s best properties. A daily bath in a copper bathtub can lower skin irritation, heal wounds faster, and more!

3. Good for Hair

Apart from skincare, copper is also a good source of nourishment for the hair, especially the scalp follicles. So, washing your hair in copper bathtubs is an easy way to add another step of care to your daily routine. 


Copper gives your home a classy, sophisticated look, alongside impressive general and medicinal benefits that cannot be provided by alternatives. Browse through some of the best locally crafted copper bathtubs, sinks, and vessels in India and switch to a lifestyle that combines luxury with functionality.

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