The Art of Ayurvedic Oral Care: Copper Tongue Cleaners for Better Health

The Art of Ayurvedic Oral Care: Copper Tongue Cleaners for Better Health


The mouth is a gateway to all our internal systems. It becomes very important to keep it clean to prevent harmful bacteria from entering our body. Just brushing is never enough. Using tongue cleaners should be a mandatory procedure to maintain oral hygiene, but unfortunately, very few people tend to follow this practice. Therefore, most of the folks deal with oral issues. 

When it comes to ayurvedic oral care, tongue scraping is one of the most popular techniques that will help you get rid of food debris, odorous bacteria, and stagnant oral fluids from the tongue. In this post, we will share everything about Ayurvedic Tongue Cleaning and why copper tongue scrapers are the best!

Three Main Reasons to Add A Tongue Cleaner To Your Oral Routine

  1. The key reason to use a tongue cleaner is to prevent odors because cleaning your tongue with a scraper helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria, which are known as volatile sulfur compounds. In fact, a study revealed that using a scraper for tongue cleaning helped remove odor-causing bacteria rather than simply brushing.
  2. Improved Sense of Taste: Cleaning tongue with a scraper helps discharging old nourishment substances, and tastes, from the surface of the tongue which will make it easier for you to better distinguish between different sensations.
  3. Improved overall wellbeing: You must have come across this notion so many times: oral hygiene is the key to overall good health. If you don’t remove harmful bacteria from your tongue, they can inflame your gums and cause other dental issues. Moreover, poor hygiene can also lead to serious health conditions such as heart disease.

How to Choose a Good Tongue Scraper

#1 Avoid Plastic

The top tip to maintaining good oral hygiene is avoiding plastic scrapers because our mouth’s mucous membrane is highly receptive, which means harmful microplastics can enter the body and cause health issues. That’s why opting for eco-friendly substances like copper tongue scrapers is a good option. 

#2 Design matters

Yes, design is also an important aspect when choosing a tongue scraper. Always go for a design that is cleaner and has a comfortable grip. Also, check the edges of the tool; they should be rounded in order to prevent any kind of damage. 

#3 Ease of Cleaning

It is necessary to wash your tongue scraper after using it; therefore, choose a material and design that can be easily cleaned without any hassle. Copper is a self cleaning metal. Just rub with a wedge of lemon from time to time. And wipe with a dry cloth.

Make it a Routine

In Ayurveda, our tongue is seen as a part of the margin/intestinal tract, so it is beneficial to support our intestine so that we can stay healthy and strong. Well, it only takes a couple of seconds to take your oral hygiene to the next level. Make tongue scraping a routine and your body will thank you!
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