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The Magic Of Kansa Wands


The Kansa Wand, a more than five-decade-old facial massage tool, is a holistic solution recommended by Ayurveda for the beauty of both the body and the mind. With benefits including improved lymphatic flow, rejuvenated skin, and slowed physical signs of aging, the Kansa Wand has been the go-to face massage tool across the globe. One might wonder how the dome-shaped massage tool works its magic. The answer lies in the metal that makes up the dome of the wand. Kansa is made of what is referred to as the Healing Metal in Ayurveda- Copper, and tin. The benefits of this alkaline metal on the skin have been well documented: From Ayurveda-specific applications to everyday use- the Kansa tool is a good addition to your health and beauty regime.


How to use the Kansa Wand:

For the Kansa Wand to work its wonders, you must use it the right way.

To understand how you can use the correctly, please watch this detailed guide set up by us to walk you through the process: Kansa Wand massage guide


How it makes a difference

Massaging or rolling your skin helps increase blood circulation, pumping more oxygen through your body and boosting lymphatic drainage. Pairing the massage with cleansing oil will not only enable your face to breathe in oxygen - it also aids in getting rid of impurities and other exterior damaging factors. The end result is tighter skin and a reduction in inflammation - making your skin look brighter and younger.

The Kansa Wand massage won’t just leave your skin looking rejuvenated. Like any good massage, you’re going to feel relaxed and fresh - but there are physical changes as well. Once you follow the steps above, there’s a possibility that your skin may turn grayish, but that’s a good sign- it implies you’ve done it right and the wand is working its magic. This happens when the Kansa Wand draws the acid from your system.

The Kansa Wand is also extremely easy to maintain. Simply wash it before and after usage, and clean the metallic part with lemon. The wooden handle should not come in contact with the lemon. Do this, and you’re set!


The Kaarigar Kansa Wand

Kansa Wand Set

Massages with a Kansa Wand can indeed be magical - but the quality of the wand is a science in itself. Crafted by expert artisans with generational knowledge in the field, Kaarigar offers Kansa Wand Sets that include a face massager, body massager, and a marma tool. We use quality wood for the handle, and top notch Kansa in the dome itself. Our Kansa Wand is available in different shapes and sizes, to fit the contours of the area to be massaged

The Kansa Wand holds significance in Ayurveda as a result of its effectiveness. Today, we’re passing on centuries of knowledge to you - dedicated to cleansing your mind and enhancing your body. Magic or not - rejuvenation is now just a wave of a wand away!

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