Kansa Gua Sha


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Kansa Gua Sha
Kansa Gua Sha

Enjoy the benefits of both worlds

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese practise first documented during the Ming Dynasty. Pronounced gwa-sha, it comes from two different Chinese words. Gua means to rub or scrape and Sha refers to the stagnant energy that collects in the  body.

Kansa is known, in Ayurveda, as the healing metal. It is believed to remove the toxicity from your skin, relieve stress and help the energy flows also known as prana.

At Kaarigar, we have combined the Ayurvedic goodness of the Kansa with the ancient Chinese technique of scraping the skin to increase lymphatic flow, tighten your skin and relieve stress.


Always lubricate your face before use. We recommend Ghee (clarified butter) but feel free to use the oil of your choice.

Angle the Kansa Gua Sha tool as close to parallel with your skin as possible and gently sweep upwards and out from the center of your face. Stroke repetition is great. Start with five repetitions applying gentle pressure at first. Once you are comfortable you may increase the repetitions.

Concentrate on areas like your cheeks and under your eyes, this is where fluids build up and cause puffiness. The jawline is a good place to focus since it relieves tension and pressure related to clenching and TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction).

Kansa Gua Sha
Kansa Gua Sha

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