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Handmade by artisans in India

Kaarigar = The Artisan



India is famous for its different forms of handicrafts. There are millions of household and decorative products being made in India on a daily basis which are purely handmade by each artisan following a particular traditional method. There are many art forms that are handcrafted for centuries. These artisans are the masters in their style of work. Their skills are simply unmatchable. At Kaarigar Handicrafts, we encourage Indian artisans by purchasing their work of art directly from them. We respect their skills, understand the value of their hours of hard work and offer them the fairest value for their efforts. Each product at Kaarigar Handicrafts is a unique piece of art. That’s the beauty of possessing a handmade product; there is none duplicated. Kaarigar Handicrafts presents carefully selected handpicked collection of various Indian Handmade Products. Our aim is to be fair to all we deal with.