Copper Gardening Tool Set


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Copper Gardening Tools
Copper Gardening Tools
Copper Gardening Tools
Copper Gardening Tools - Trowel - Kaarigar Handicrafts Inc.
Copper Gardening Tools
Copper Gardening Tools
Copper Gardening Tools
Copper Gardening Tools

Environmentally Friendly Gardening Tools That Protect The Soil and Your Plants

From the home of Kaarigar, the trusted brand for Copper, comes a new range of copper alloy garden tools, when used in cultivating the soil, would lead to healthier plants and be more beneficial to the Earth.

An early 20th century visionary, Viktor Schauberger, was a forester by training. He had opportunities granted to very few today – he could observe Nature in her raw state, undisturbed by human technologies. In the mountains where he wandered, some areas had hardly ever been visited by humans before. He learned from what he saw, the ways of Wise Nature, as he called it. He was convinced after experimentation that crops cultivated with copper ploughshares had larger healthier yields and fewer pests. He believed:

  • that using iron or steel implements to work the soil was detrimental
  • Everything in Nature is in movement, moving towards either growth or decay
  • Metallic iron exposed to the weather, will rust and decay in a relatively short time
  • There is no logic of trying to encourage plants to grow using a material that is in a process of decay
  • Copper is much more stable, and it is not in a process of decay
  • Copper actively resists harmful bacteria.

Benefits Of Using Copper Gardening Tools

  • Good for your plants
  • Enriches your soil with trace elements
  • Prevents infection of plants
  • Deters slugs and snails
  • Helps alkalise the substrate
  • Long lasting and beautiful
  • No rust
  • Helps ionise surface water

Product Details:

Large Trowel - 28 cms. / weight 390 gms.

Small Trowel - 28 cms. / weight 255 gms.

Weeder - 29 cms. / weight 190 gms.

Cultivator - 28 cms. / weight 325 gms.

Although they are called Copper Gardening Tools, our tools are made with a copper alloy called Kansa (Bronze). Kansa is considered a Healing Metal in Ayurveda and consists of 90% Copper and 10% Tin. The handles are made using Pine Wood.

Since pure copper is a soft metal, it needs to be mixed with another metal to give it the hardness.

Our Copper Gardening Tools are handmade from scratch. The process includes Sand Casting, Sanding, Polishing, Fitting wooden handles. Handmade products carry good energy but no two pieces will be similar or perfect like machine made ones. We ensure that these imperfections will not affect the performance of our products. If you seek perfection, this is not your collection. Thank you.

You may find handmade imperfections but we ensure that these will not harm the performance or the longevity of the product. Should you have any concerns/comments, please write to us at


Our Gardening Tools are ideal for use in vegetable and flower gardens and raised flower beds.

Our tools are not suited for use on stony soil or  in clearing trees, bushes and root systems.

Copper Is Not As Hard As Steel

A word of caution.

To provide the benefits of copper we use  90% copper in our gardening tools (the rest is tin). This makes copper tools softer that identical steel tools. Our Copper Gardening Tools could bend with use but can be bent back to shape. We guarantee our tools for 2 years from breakage under normal use.

Please do not use these for very heavy soil work.

Care for your Copper Gardening Tools

Since copper is naturally anti microbial, our tools do not require cleaning.

The Set Consists of

1. Copper Garden Trowel (large)

2. Copper Garden Trowel (small)

3. Copper Garden Weeder

4 Copper Garden Cultivator

We us the Pine Wood for our handles because:

1. It is more robust and durable compared to other hard woods

2. It is known for its distinctive grain Patterns. We do not hide the original wood grain under varnish.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Christine B
Beautiful tools

I bought the set of four copper tools and the craftsmanship is amazing. They are heavier than I expected, solid, very sturdy, and well built. Ready for use in the garden. Just need spring to get here. Thank you for such a beautiful set of gardening tools. Will recommend to my gardening friends.

Thank you for your kind review and support. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Natasha Chalmers
Absolutely Stunning Craftsmanship

I am absolutely delighted with my gorgeous copper garden tools. Just holding them I can feel the passion and care that went into making them. They have a nice weight that feels good to hold, I can see these tools lasting a lifetime if I take good care of them. Worth every cent and I am so pleased. I also love what this business stands for and will absolutely shop here again!

- Tasha in Canada

Thank you very much for your kind sentiment, Natasha. We look forward to serving you again soon.


Gorgeous & they feel so great in the hand!

Thank you for your kind review.

Y Anderson
Copper Tools

Thank you, they’re very high quality and beautifully crafted- I have a friend that I’ll be ordering their own from you soon!

Thank you for your kind review and support

Craig Szklany
Gift for wife for birthday

Bought the large trowel and cultivator tools. Very nice quality. She lives them. She’s very in to copier gardening.

We are glad your wife liked the gift. Thank you for your kind review.

Copper Gardening Tools
Copper Gardening Tools
Copper Gardening Tools
Copper Gardening Tools - Trowel - Kaarigar Handicrafts Inc.
Copper Gardening Tools
Copper Gardening Tools
Copper Gardening Tools
Copper Gardening Tools

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