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Maha Meru Yantra

Maha Meru Yantra

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Just like we need to balance the Chakras in our body we also need to balance the energy in the space where we live and work.

The MAHA MERU YANTRA is one of the oldest and most powerful symbols known to mankind. Also known as the Mother of all Mandalas. It is Cosmic Geometry that aligns the energy in your surroundings.

IT is a 3D version of the Sri Yantra. Consists of a BINDU at the centre and 43 triangles that point in different outward directions.

Just wash the Maha Meru Yantra, dry it with a clean cloth and place it in the North East Corner of your room.


  • Channels the flow of Energy forces called VASTU in India and FENG SHUI in China
  • Invokes the goodness of the entire universe
  • Health
  • Prosperity
  • Protects against the evil eye
  • Removes negative forces 


Our Maha Meru Yantra is made using solid brass and measures around 5 x 5 x 5 cms.


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Customer Reviews

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Daniel Lapilla
Very powerfull.

The most authentical offering on Altar or just as a purification object for home decor.🤗

Dear Daniel. Thank you for your kind review.