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Sri Yantra Meditation Mat

Sri Yantra Meditation Mat

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Do you have trouble focusing your mind when you meditate? Are you not consistent with your practice? Or maybe you have trouble grounding yourself while meditating. 

The Sri Yantra Meditation Mat is made with this in mind. It is said that the practice is not complete without a proper meditation mat. 

The Sri Yantra is the King of all Yantras. It is known to evoke the goodness of the entire universe. This mat not only has the Sri Yantra printed on it but there are 4 copper plates in each corner that have this sacred symbol engraved on them. 

The role of the copper plates is to provide grounding and prevent the energy you create during meditation, jaap or puja from being pulled into the earth by gravity. 

Mat Dimensions: 27" x 18"

The Kaarigar Collection is sourced directly from artisans in India to ensure that they are paid fair value.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

i have had my mat about 3 weeks and like it very much. its well made and i meditate with it every day and it deepens my meditations. i am thinking about buying another one so i would def recommend it

David Cicoletti
Resting Place

This mat has the rich, organic feel of natural wool and the gold sri yantra is beautifully printed on the red earth tone background. It is a wonderful addition to my mediation and chanting practice. I look forward to rising at dawn every day knowing I will have the support and energy of the ancient sri yantra. So grateful!

Andrea Panarelli
Wonderful meditation mat!

I am very satisfied with the purchase of the SRI YANTRA MEDITATION MAT , it is comfortable and pleasant to use, and it helps a lot during meditation, it isolates perfectly from the ground and makes you feel more comfortable, this I can say it already from the first times I used it and I am sure I will have great benefits, I highly recommend it. The owners of Kaarigar Amelia and Alnasir are extraordinary, they take care of every little detail and it is nice to see that beyond the item sold there is an attention and love in what they do, thank you very much!

Thank you for your review and support, Andrea. We are glad your mat is helping. We look forward to hearing from you again.

Daniel Lapilla
Original sri yantra. No doubt.

It is a real sri yantra mat, i would not call it a product that i buyed . Unstead feel more safe and grounded when using it. Who ever believes and is looking for more Balance in spiritual practice will definitly need sri yantra from kaarigar handcrafts...👍

Thank you, Daniel. I am glad you find the Sri Yantra Meditation Mat beneficial. Thank you for your support. We look forward to serving you again soon.

Blue Lotus Revitalized health
MEDITATION heightened thanks to the ASANA MAT

I have been using the wool Asana mat that I purchased about one month ago. Whenever I either stand or sit on the mat, my energies feel "concentrated". I simply continue focusing my thoughts on whatever my intention was at that moment (spiritual enlightenment, physical health, emotional peace and happiness, success etc).

Prior to using the Asana mat I would try to find time to meditate . . . now I look forward to it and always have time for meditation!