Sri Yantra Meditation Mat

Sri Yantra- the King of all Yantras


Sri Yantra, also referred to as Sri Chakra, is cosmic geometry and has been used to balance energy forces for thousands of years. Composed of nine interlocking triangles around a Bindu, these triangles point outwards to attract the goodness from the universe. Health, Wealth and General Well Being.


The importance of the Sri Yantra Design

Representing evolution, cosmos, and peace, the Sri Yantra design is filled with symbols that each hold a distinct meaning and purpose. The upward isosceles triangles stand for Brahm, the male, and the downward ones represent Jagat Janani, the female. The Bindu, or the dot, in the center is a reflection of the core source of the universe. The sacred symbol of evolution embodies life and existence.

The Sri Yantra Meditation Mat

We have incorporated the Sri Yantra in our Meditation Mat to prevent your mind from wandering and help you focus on the Meditation, Jaap or Bhakti to make it more impactful

Aside from the Sri Yantra design on the seat of the mat, we have 4 Gold Plated Copper Plates with the Sri Yantra design that have been placed on the 4 corners of your Meditation Mat.

The function of these Copper Plates is to provide grounding and prevent the energy that you create from being absorbed into the earth by gravity.


The Maha Meru Yantra

Maha Meru Yantra

Balancing the exterior to match the calmness within one is crucial to their well-being. The Maha Meru Yantra is said to manage the flow of energy and invoke goodness and protect one against evil. Also referred to as the Mother of all Mandalas, it is a cosmic geometry that’s believed to align the energy in your surroundings. Maintaining the Kaarigar Maha Meru Yantra is simple. When you first receive the Maha Meru Yantra, wipe with a clean moist cloth. and place it in the North East corner of your room.

Yoga and meditation are a way of life that help people become healthier-both mentally and physically. Buy our Sri Yantra Mediation Mat and the magnificent Maha Meru Yantra to witness the change each of the two will bring to your life. You can find them on our website and place an order now.

The philosophical world of yantras awaits you.
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